Carpet Cleaning Myths to Move Past in 2017

Posted by Sams Carpet | June 21, 2017 | Sams News

“If there’s a stain on your carpet, who you gonna call?” Sams Carpet! You probably were expecting the next line in our tune to be ghostbusters, but that myth ends here and the solution to professional carpet cleaning begins. There are a lot of theories circulating around carpets and how you should clean them. Sorry to inform you, but a lot of those so called “facts” are indeed myths. At Sams, our favorite probably has to be “I have my own carpet-cleaning machine, so I don’t need to hire a professional.” While your home machine may work, it won’t have the same suction power professional machines do. So, who you gonna to call? That’s right, us! Here is a list of myths you should move past this year and reasons why you should schedule your next carpet cleaning visit with Sams.

Myth: Wait as long as you can before cleaning your carpet. Your carpet will never look the same again.
“EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!” If you wait too long to clean your carpet, there will be damage done to the fibers. Many believe this myth due to prior experiences with carpet cleaners who leave the carpet too wet or full of residue. At Sams, we do a proper analysis of your carpet prior to cleaning it to ensure you receive the best method we have to offer. When we’re done cleaning your carpet, there will be maximum removal of residues, half-day drying and fresh carpet for your home.

Myth: Is it possible to clean my carpet too often?
Not at all. The more often a carpet is cleaned, the longer it will maintain its original appearance. A lot of people aren’t aware that many carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning to maintain your warranty. At Sams, our trained technicians provide proper maintenance, cleaning and care to extend the lifecycle of your carpet and preserve its appearance.

Myth: Carpet stain removal products from the store are just as good as professional products.

Over-the-counter stain removers are formulated to treat many types of carpet stains. As a result, these products are made from many different solutions in order to work efficiently with a wide range of stains. These products do more damage to your carpet, and contribute to discoloration. In contrast, a properly formulated, fiber-specific stain remover, such as Sams “Outta Sight” doesn’t reduce the lifespan of carpet. All of our customers receive a free refillable bottle of “Outta Sight” to help with spot regulation in between visits.

Fact: When you hire Sams Carpet, you will enjoy a freshly cleaned carpet.

Turning dirty, spotted carpet into something you can be proud of is only part of what we do every day at Sams. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers every time we show for a scheduled cleaning. We utilize a process, specifically geared towards your carpet, to ensure we get to the root of the problem. Not only will our team examine high traffic areas, but they will groom your carpet pile to assist in the drying process and reduce the appearance of matting and crushing. We do a final inspection of the work because we care, and to make sure you are fully satisfied.
Some stains are permanent and will have to take another approach to repair them. Our professional and skilled technicians will evaluate and determine the best method to approach removing the stain.

“We can’t hear you. Who you gonna call?” If you’re over those myths, and want to treat your home to some professional carpet cleaning it so deserves, give Sams a call!

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