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Posted by Sams Carpet | September 14, 2018 | Community

We love the opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful team members of Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs. Each and every one of them make it a great day at Sams, and make your home a place of clean, healthy carpet and flooring. This month, we’d like to introduce you to Ed, one of our wonderful technicians who prides himself turning carpets, rugs, tile and upholstery that might look tired and worn out into a new-again piece of “artwork” in your home. He has become one of the senior staff members and now not only has the pleasure of working hard for our customers, but also sharing his knowledge with his colleagues to assure they grow in their careers with Sams.

What is your role at Sams?

My main role I serve is that of cleaning technician – from carpet to tile and more. Each day I am presented with a new project and once I get to work and find out my tasks for the day, I get everything ready to go and head to the site. Most of my days consist of cleaning and repairs. Not only, do we clean carpet, but we also do a lot of tile and grout. At Sams we use cutting edge products to assure the job is done well, such as T & G which is a specialized soap that we put down that breaks up all of the dirt in the grout and tile. After that we use a brush that goes on our machine that scrubs it all of the tile. We finish up with a power wash and if the customer chooses, we do a sealer afterwards. It is amazing to see the transformations that I am a part of each day on the job.

What do you like about working at Sams?

I like being mobile and not being in an office every day. The best part of the job is the variety, and that I get to do different things which means that no day is the same – one day it can be tile, one day repairs and cleaning. Being out and about and meeting new customers every day, and helping them get the cleanest carpet and tile possible, is great. One thing I always try and tell new guys is that you can always count on your team members. Sams is like a family, everyone is hardworking, gets along and they’re there for you when you need them.

What makes working here fun?

Jeff and Susan assure that we have fun and feel appreciated at Sams…you’ll show up and there will be a cooler of goodies. Jeff and Susan are good people and they take care of you. They try and make it as fun as it can possibly be and that makes coming to work enjoyable.

What are your hobbies?

Anything to do with my kids. I have three young ones who are 7, 4, and 1. They are pretty much a full time job when I get out of here, but just like Sams, it is a fun job to have. It’s all-consuming as soon as I walk in the door all the way until I go to bed. We enjoy our time together and it is fun to watch them grow. The kids like water activities  so we go to Creve Coeur lake, Main Street St. Charles area by the river, sometimes down by the arch and Goose creek lake for swimming and fishing.


What do you like about the Sams Customers and their experience with you? What do you feel you bring to that experience?

Sams customers are very nice, appreciative, and loyal. I love to see a previous customer I recognize. I always try to do a thorough job and be friendly. It leaves them not only with a clean home, but with a great Sams experience. And the best part is when they request you back or tell their neighbors. I enjoy leaving a good impression, which makes me feel satisfied at my job.

What is the best about working with your peers and why?

Everyone is around the same age and we have similar interests. A lot of the guys have kids, so we get together outside of work. On weekends we’ll have bar-b-ques together. You know you work with great people when you want to spend your personal time with them.

Your greatest accomplishment with Sams?

I try to be an all-around good guy and help others. When I started and I knew nothing about carpet. Now I’ve worked here for years and I’m one of the senior technicians. I try and help new guys feel welcome and teach them as much as I can.

What do you want to keep learning about in the job?

There will never be a point where I know everything, which keeps it interesting. I try to keep an open mind that someone can teach me something I don’t know, or how to do something better or more efficiently. I’m on it rather than thinking I know it all.

Name 4 words that tell us about you?

Friendly, talkative, hardworking, loyal

I am proud to be a Sams employee and be part of a company that takes pride in treating its employees and customers very well.

Thank you, Ed, for taking time to share your Sams story! As you can tell, Ed loves working with customers and making their homes clean and beautiful. He and the entire Sams team would welcome an opportunity to do the same for your home. If you see Ed on your next cleaning, be sure to say hello!

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