FAQs • Sams Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis and St. Charles, MO


Q:I have black edges around my carpet, baseboards, and under my doors?

The name for this situation is filtration lines and is normally caused by dust traveling thoughout your home. When your furnace turns on, air is sucked underneath the walls and under doors. The carpet then acts as a filter leaving dirt particles around the edges causing black lines. We have a special procedure to remove these black lines to reduce this problem. To prevent this problem, you will need to change filters frequently and minimize burning candles which can cause soot particles into your carpet. You can also have your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Q:After air duct cleaning is performed, will I notice a difference in dust in my home?

Most of our customers do notice a difference in the dust accumulation. Your ducts are thoroughly cleaned with our air duct cleaning process.

Q:Pet stain removal?

These stains are difficult to remove. First, we need to locate the stain/source. Once that is determined, we will evaluate to see if the urine has penetrated down to the backing of the carpet, to the padding, and possibly to the subfloor or concrete. A recommendation by our professional service technicians or estimators is provided to the customer as to if the pet stain/smell can be properly removed.

Q:Do you guarantee to removal of all stains from my carpet and/or oriental rugs?

In most instances 100% stain removal is achieved. Because of the nature of certain stains, it’s not possible to guarantee total color/texture restoration. Factors of installation and/or deterioration that are disguised cannot be predicted in the hands of the most careful workman. The stains may require additional services (e.g., a unique stain removal process to be applied, heat transfer, dyeing, or repairing). A free estimate can be provided for these types of stubborn stains to be removed.

Q:How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

There are manufacturer recommendations as to how often carpet should be professionally cleaned. There are many factors to consider; the quality of the carpet, the amount of foot traffic, whether the carpet has a protectant applied and re-applied after cleaning, the frequency of vacuuming, the amount of people in the household and pets, etc. Carpet should be generally cleaned before the soiling becomes noticeable.

Q:Once the carpets are hot water extraction cleaned, don't they get dirtier faster?

NO. When we clean your carpets, we use a rinse method that will remove all residues from your carpet. Your carpets will be left clean and fresh.