Carpet Stretching Removes Ripples and Extends Carpet Life

Posted by Sams Carpet | October 25, 2021 | Sams News
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Does your carpet have ripples in it? Does it appear to be loose? Are you constantly tripping over the bubbles that have formed over time?

Old, stretched out carpet can make a room appear drab and unkept. If you are tired of coming home to loose carpet, but you are overwhelmed by the prospect of tearing it all out, the perfect solution can be carpet stretching.

What is Carpet Stretching and Why Do It?

Carpet stretching is exactly what it sounds like. Carpet is power-stretched or pulled tight once again and refastened to the tacks strips on the perimeter of the wall. The process of stretching, if done properly, will refresh and change the entire appearance of your room.

carpet seam repair and restretching

In general, as carpet ages the fibers wear out, stretch, and loosen. When carpet ages it can pull away from the tacking strips that anchor it to the subfloor. Carpet seams which are not visible upon installation can appear over time with age.

Aside from detracting from a room’s appearance, a carpet that is bubbled or does not lay flat is a safety hazard that can lead to someone who is unaware tripping over the ripples.

Perhaps, the most important reason to have your carpet stretched is that it will greatly increase the life of your floor covering and is less expensive or intrusive than a total install.

Is My Carpet a Good Candidate for Stretching?

If you are unsure if your carpet would benefit from being stretched, we recommend that you check for the following:

  1. Does your carpet lay flat? Does it appear to be rippled or wrinkled?
  2. Do the edges of your carpet appear to be pulled or frayed, and not secured under the moldings?
  3. Are you able to gently “pull” the carpet upwards in the middle of the room? While there will be some give, the carpet should quickly snap back in place. This simple test will help determine if it is time to get your carpet stretched and re-seamed.

Can I Stretch My Own Carpeting?

Carpet stretching is best left to the professionals who have the proper equipment to stretch the carpeting without ripping or causing further damage to the carpet. At Sam Carpet Cleaning and Repairs, our pros have seen it all. We’ll evaluate your carpet, recommend a solution, and deliver exceptional service. We’re proud to offer state of the art carpet stretching to clients throughout the Saint Louis area.

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