Clean Dusty Air Ducts to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted by Sams Carpet | December 31, 2020 | Sams News
Woman pointing out dusty ducts to Sams cleaning technician.

You vacuum your carpet and have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. All surfaces are regularly dusted.  Your tile and grout shines and your countertops sparkle. Yet dust continues to find its way back in, and it’s a never-ending cycle. Perhaps it’s time to consider having your dusty ducts cleaned.

Sometimes, the need for air duct cleaning is apparent when you look at your supply and return vents. Other times, it’s not as clear what’s lurking in the walls of a building without a more thorough inspection. But even when the signs of dirty ductwork are less obvious, you would be surprised how much dust and debris is inside them.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the advantages of air duct cleaning in a home or office building, and explain Sams’ proven and simple process for safely cleaning ducts and minimizing contamination.

How Duct Cleaning Improves Air Quality

One of the primary reasons customers reach out to Sams for air duct cleaning is to improve air quality. Every particle of air in your home or business travels through your HAVC system multiple times each day. Air circulation by itself is a good thing. But when that air is travelling through dirty ductwork, it has the opportunity to pick up contaminants as it travels.

Contaminated air isn’t something any of us should be breathing. But if someone in your home or office is particularly sensitive to dust, pet hair or dander, or other pollutants, it could be making them sick. Having air ducts professionally cleaned is critical to ensuring the health and safety of your family or employees.

Save Energy, Save Money

Beyond health and safety risks, dusty air ducts can cost you more in energy usage and lead to premature system failure. Contaminants in your heating and cooling system reduce efficiency, forcing the system to work harder. Even with the use of filters, dust and dirt can build up in your system and shorten the life of your expensive HVAC equipment. Clean systems are more easily able to maintain your desired comfort level by expending less energy, which means greater energy cost savings for you.

The Sams Dusty Duct Cleaning Process

The Sams team are experts when it comes to cleaning dirty and dusty air ducts. We employ a powerful, truck-mounted system to remove all the debris from your supply and return ductwork without turning it loose in your home. The system features a powerful rotating brush that scrubs the walls of your ductwork, removing stubborn dust buildup along the way. The dust and debris travels through the hose directly to our truck outside, ensuring your home is left clean and uncontaminated.

Depending on the size of the building and the amount of buildup in the ducts, we can typically have your entire HVAC system cleaned in 1½ – 4 hours, minimizing downtime for your HVAC system. Once the ducts are completely clean, with client approval, we apply an EPA-registered anti-microbial disinfectant to limit future growth of mold, mildew, and other bacteria, at no additional cost.

You don’t have to live with dusty ducts. While taking on your entire ventilation system might seem like an insurmountable cleaning task, it’s just another day at the office for the Sams team. Contact us to learn more about our duct cleaning services or to schedule you’re a duct cleaning appointment for your home or office today.

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