How Often Should I Have My Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Posted by Sams Carpet | November 15, 2021 | Sams News
Stylish and modern living room floor that recently had carpet cleaned

As a homeowner you have made a significant investment in your carpeting, furnishings, and area rugs. These are the pieces that define your style and make your house a home. It is important to take care of your investment with regular professional cleanings. But how often does it make sense to have cleanings completed? The answer varies depending on your household and its inhabitants.

Here is what you need to consider when it comes to having your carpet, rugs and upholstery cleaned.

The Size of your Household

If you have a houseful of family who are regularly using the furniture and walking on the carpets and rugs, then you certainly want to get a professional cleaning once a year. The more wear and tear and use you get out of your house, the more important it is to stay on top of deep cleanings to prevent debris from building up, deep stains from setting in, or matting of the carpet fibers.

If you have a one- to two-person household, you can mostly get away with cleanings every 18 months.

If You Have Children

It is no secret that children, no matter their age, can be messy. Kids have a way of trailing in crumbs, tracking in dirt, spilling drinks or worse. This is not confined to toddlers. Kiddos, as much as we adore them, are hard on furnishings. If you have multiple children in your home, we suggest cleaning your carpets, rugs and furnishings every 6 months which will greatly extend their life expectancy and look.

Do You Have Pets?

What’s messier than children? Pets. While this might not be true 100 percent of the time and, even if you are diligent with cleaning daily as a pet owner, pets shed, track in grass and dirt from outside and even have an occasional accident. Pet owners should plan to professionally clean their furniture, carpets and rugs biannually.

And if you are lucky enough to have a bustling house of kids and pets then you should consider a quarterly cleaning schedule.

Highly Trafficked Areas

Certain areas of your home tend to receive more foot traffic than others. This holds true for certain pieces of furniture as well. The more traffic a room or item receives, the more important it is to give it the attention it needs. We recommend that you hit the heavy areas, such as your living room, master bedroom, family room, and basement recreation room more often. Those rooms where your family spends most of their time could be cleaned every 6 months with a 12-month cycle for the less frequented areas.

The Environment

Where you live matters. In Saint Louis we have weather extremes from hot and humid summers to cold and icy winters. If you live in a household where you wear shoes, then it is very important to stay on top of your annual cleanings to assure that you extend the life and look of your carpets, rugs and furniture.

Allergy and Asthma Sufferers?

If you or a member of your household suffers from chronic allergies of asthma it is important to vacuum with a HEPA filter vacuum each day and to have your carpets and rugs cleaned once a year at a minimum. This will greatly reduce the possibility of mold and dust in the fibers which can cause those with breathing problems to suffer more than needed.

No matter how large your household, or how many furry friends you have, it is important to get a professional cleaning for all your carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture annually if you want to make sure that your home is always looking its best. Contact Sams to schedule your next cleaning, or set up a recurring cleaning schedule.

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