Start the New Year Right With Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Posted by Sams Carpet | December 30, 2021 | Sams News
man inspecting vents while performing air duct cleaning services

The New Year is a time for new beginnings. As the clock turns towards 2022, now is the time to start thinking about what needs to be accomplished in your office space or place of business to ring in the New Year on a high and clean note. While weekly office cleanings are an essential part of a regular routine to keep the environment healthy to work in, make sure that you are not neglecting the air quality and efficiency of your heating and cooling systems by forgetting to have your air ducts cleaned.

It is important to understand that duct cleaning must be done by a professional in order to assure that it does not do more harm than good. Not only can you potentially break something when trying to do it yourself, but you can also stir up harmful allergens and bacteria.

The Biggest Benefits of Office Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning, when professionally done with the proper equipment can reduce allergens, promote cleaner air, reduce unpleasant smells and fire hazards, and promote efficiency. Here are the five biggest reasons to regularly have the air ducts in your office cleaned:

  1. Harmful pathogens can build up in air ducts if they are not regularly cleaned. Dirt, dust, mold, pollen and other pollutants can accumulate in air ducts and then travel through the ductwork from one office area to another. A professional cleaning will remove all contaminants from the ducts and assure that there is no bacteria and mold lurking in the ductwork of your office. If you are worried about mold issues, this is particularly important as mold spores are easily able to travel through the air from one room to the next if they are growing in any duct work. An annual office inspection and cleaning of your air ducts and HVAC systems will also help to prevent duct contamination issues.
  2. Clean air is another reason why having your air ducts cleaned in the New Year should be a priority. Even if there are no allergy sufferers in your office space or place of work, clean air will make for an all-around better quality of life experience.
  3. Is there a funky smell lingering in your office? Can you not pinpoint the source? The source could be something lurking in the air ducts. Odors from mold, mildew and other allergens can build up in the air ducts over time. When these odors become strong enough, the smell can permeate the entire building. Not only is this potentially dangerous to breathe in, it can create a less than inspiring atmosphere for both the employees and customers.  A professional air duct cleaning service will use state-of-the-art equipment to clear out the problem area(s), eliminating the odor at its source.
  4. You never know what’s in your ducts until you have them cleaned. From construction debris to items accidentally dropped into a vent, it can be astonishing what is sucked out of an air duct when cleaned professionally. We have encountered both large and small objects, and some of those could create a fire risk if neglected.
  5. Ductwork cleaning is one way to improve the performance and efficiency of your ventilation system. Contaminants and pollutants that build up in the system and on its various components decrease air flow efficiency and causes the system to work harder over time. Duct and vent cleaning also is a great way to help extend the life of your office HVAC system, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace.

The new year is here! There is no better time to call Sams to set up a time to have your office air ducts cleaned. Our professional team of experts in the St. Louis area will clean and restore our air ducts and ensure everyone is breathing easier in the new year.

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