Why is my carpet rippled and can it be fixed?

Posted by Sams Carpet Service | June 10, 2019 | Sams News

We often hear our parents and grandparents say: “They just don’t make things like they used to!”

This statement rings true when it comes to carpets. Carpet today is made using different materials than years ago.

While many of these changes can be good for a homeowner, some of the changes bring challenges. One of those challenges that carpeted homes of today will face is rippling. This is made worse in humidity, and with summer approaching in Saint Louis, humidity is on the rise and so are the potential for carpet ripples.

Why ripples in carpet happen

It all comes down to the backing. Today’s carpet backing is made from latex, that nice stretchy material that you can find in disposable gloves and band-aids. That same stretch can happen to your carpet. When there is high humidity in the home, the latex is more susceptible to swelling, and when it swells, it takes the whole carpet with it, forming those unsightly ripples. Not only are ripples quite unattractive, but they can be dangerous and pose a tripping hazard as well as causing more damage to your carpet if left unattended.

Carpet re-stretching: the cure for ripples

If you have a carpet that is rippled or you notice that your carpet is starting to ripple in the humidity, you do not need to ignore it or rip it out and buy all new carpeting. Not only is investing in new carpet costly, it’s likely to only temporarily solve the problem. Brand new carpet can ripple just like your existing carpet! The good news is that there is a fix and Sams can help.

Sams uses state-of-the-art power stretchers to remove those ugly, dangerous ripples. Sams will provide free estimates to walk through the concerns you may have with your carpet so we as a team come prepared and you as the consumer will know the cost and expectations up front.  When the Sams repair technician arrives on the job, the technician will use the professional carpet stretchers to remove the ripples and return the carpet to looking new. The best part is that in most cases, the re-stretch will last for the remaining life of the carpet. We can also provide carpet cleaning right after the repair as that final touch.  Watch as our founder Jeff Sams explains:

At Sams we want you to get the most value and life out of your carpeting. We hate to hear stories of homeowners replacing the carpet in their entire house due to a ripple, stain or tear because in many cases, the solution is just a phone call away to Sams!

If you have carpet in your home that’s suffering from any of the problems listed above, or is simply overloaded with everyday dirt, give us a call at 636-949-8229 or schedule your appointment online today!


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