Winter Floor Maintenance Tips

Posted by Sams Carpet Service | February 12, 2018 | Sams News

Employees and customers track in snow, dirt, sand, and salt from outside, and all that extra moisture from snow ends up on your floors.  You need to be extra cautious to take proper care of your floors and keep up with the cleaning so that winter grime doesn’t affect the lasting ware of your carpet.  To help with the winter blues, here are some maintenance tips for facility managers and business owners:

Use entry mats

Commercial entry mats are an excellent way to trap and absorb moisture and dirt. Continuous changing and cleaning of them is important as well.  A friendly reminder to all your guests “Please wipe your shoes” sign can help.

Increase Vacuuming

With icy sidewalks and parking lots there is a lot of sand and salt put down.  Of course, it’s important to prevent slips and falls, but it also ends up tracking into your building which can damage the fibers of the carpet, like fraying and other damage over time.  The best solution is to increase frequency of vacuuming to remove the small particles.

Clean carpets and hard floors

In addition to the slush, sands, and salt that make their way into the building, the moisture of the snow will leave a chalky, white residue behind the floors once the water evaporates.  If left untreated, these white stains can be permanent, so you’ll have to replace the carpet long before its regular lifespan is up.  Flooring is a significant investment, so take care of them with regular cleaning carpets by Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs to thoroughly remove that winter mixture residue.

As always, Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs can help you with a routine Winter Maintenance to keep your environment safe and fresh, as well as extending the lifetime of your flooring.

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