Can Berber Carpet be Repaired?

Posted by Sams Carpet | June 21, 2021 | Sams News
Sams carpet cleaning and repair professionals arriving to inspect Berber carpet damage for repair

Once primarily a fixture in basements, rec rooms, and offices, in recent years Berber carpet has become a popular choice for rooms in every area of the house. As its popularity has risen, Berber carpet is now offered in more colors and styles than ever before. It’s typically more affordable than other residential carpet styles and offers a greater durability due to its looped fiber construction. People who prefer a lower profile carpet are turning to Berber as a great alternative.

One of the disadvantages of Berber carpet is that its loop construction makes it a little more susceptible to snags. Furniture dragging across the floor, curious cats kneading their claws in the carpet or pulling on a loose loop can all spell the beginning to an unraveling mess. Even the power head of your vacuum cleaner can cause problems if it catches a loose strand of Berber.

So if you’ve found yourself in a snag (pun intended) with your Berber carpet, your first question is likely “Can I repair my Berber carpet, or does it need to be replaced?” The short answer is “Yes,” in most situations Berber carpet can be repaired. The carpet pros at Sams have the experience and expertise to pull it off.

Damaged Berber Carpet is Not a Time for DIY

As you examine the run in your Berber carpet, you’re probably wondering if this is something you need to call a professional for, or if you could knock this project out on your own.

As DIYers ourselves, we appreciate the initiative and confidence. But repairing Berber carpet isn’t as simple as you might think. Because of the way Berber carpet unfurls, it needs to be handled delicately. The pros at Sams have literally seen it all and have hands-on experience patching, fixing runs, and stretching loose Berber carpet. To prevent further damage, we recommend clients call us before trying to tackle the project on their own and unintentionally creating a bigger problem.

What Should You Expect from Berber Carpet Repair?

Often when repairing Berber carpeting for clients, we utilize scraps or leftover carpet from the original installation. If the homeowner doesn’t have leftover carpet, we can often take some up from a less noticeable area, like the back of a closet.

Because the carpet runs in rows and carpet can fade with sun exposure or foot traffic, even the best Berber carpet repair can sometimes leave visible evidence of repair, especially on larger repair jobs. But the Sams team has developed all sorts of strategies over the years for minimizing the visibility of carpet repairs. We’re always upfront with our customers about what to expect from the finished product, based on the extent of the damage and the condition of the carpet. In most cases, they’re willing to sacrifice some minor visible repair if it means they don’t have to make a major investment in new carpet.

Sams Has You Covered for Berber Carpet Repair

Your first call in the St. Louis region for Berber carpet repair is the carpet professionals at Sams. From cleaning to repair, the Sams team is this area’s experts in carpet care. We offer free inspection on carpet repairs, so you can make an informed decision. We perform repair services for virtually all types of carpet. We can fix ripples, seams that are separating, carpet pulling away from a threshold, sun fade and bleach stains, burn holes, frayed edges, snags, and a whole lot more. Before you replace your damaged carpet, you owe it to yourself to see what the Sams team can do!  Contact us today to schedule your free inspection.

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