Carpet Repairs

Carpets Repaired – They’ll Never Know it was Damaged

Over time, your carpet can begin to experience wear and tear, and you may start noticing the following things happening:

  • Ripples in your carpet
  • Seams that are coming apart
  • Carpet pulling away from a threshold
  • Sunfade or bleach stains
  • Burnholes
  • Snags in woven carpet
  • Frayed edges
  • And more

While your first inclination may be to replace it, call the Sams team first!

FREE Inspections for Carpet Repairs

Sams will come to your home, free of charge, to inspect your damaged carpet and determine an appropriate course of action to repair your carpet.

What Can Sams do to Fix My Carpet?

There are many options available to fix the damage and extend the life of your carpet!

  • Carpet patching … use a spare piece of your carpet to patch areas where there may be holes, burns, stains or fading.
  • Re-seam Carpet … if your carpet seams are coming apart, our process will bond them back together!
  • Carpet Stretching … power stretching your carpet will eliminate ripples and make your carpet smooth again.
  • Trim replacement and repair … metal carpet trim pieces can become damaged over the years. We can repair or replace your trim!
  • Threshold repair … your thresholds may also experience damage over time. The Sams team can repair or replace them for a fresh appearance.
  • Spot Dyeing … while some spots can be removed through our spot & stain removal process, some are more stubborn. In these cases, we can dye your carpet to match and restore the color.

Trained professionals you can count on

When you call us, it comes with the assurance that you’ll be fully satisfied with a job done right. At Sams we’re not only committed to technical excellence, but to friendly professionalism.

We care about making a difference, and it shows up in respect for you, your home and things in your home. It’s not just about fixing carpet. It’s about making that part of your home whole again so you can enjoy every bit of it.

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