What to Do When You Discover a Burst Water Pipe

Posted by Sams Carpet | March 2, 2021 | Sams News
Woman cleaning up after a water pipe bursts.

When the worst of winter weather comes to town, the risk of water freezing and pipes bursting comes with it. There are number of very effective steps you can take to prevent water pipes from bursting. But even those aren’t completely fail-safe. If you discover a burst water pipe in your home, there’s little time to sit around and think about how to approach it. You need to move quickly to address the issue and minimize damage.

Here are the 4 steps you should begin taking immediately when you discover a burst pipe in your home.

Step 1: Turn Off the Water Supply and Identify the Leak

When you discover a burst pipe in your home, your first priority should be to stop the flow of water through the pipes. To do this, find the main water shut-off valve. This valve is typically located in a basement or crawlspace, near your water heater. Once your water supply has been turned off, you will still have pressurized water in your pipes. To relieve the pressure and drain the water, open the faucets throughout your home. This is a critical step to preventing additional freezing.

Water from the burst water pipe can sometimes come into contact with electricity. Before entering any flooded area in your home, turn off the power and ensure that the structure of the area you’re entering is sound.

Step 2: Call a Licensed Plummer to Fix the Burst Pipe

The moment you’ve discovered a burst water pipe isn’t the time to debate whether or not you need professional help. You do. A professional plumber will assess the burst pipe and determine if repair or replacement is the most appropriate course of action.

Step 3: Remove Items from the Area to Prevent Additional Damage

After you’ve turned off the water supply and contacted a professional to address the burst pipes, it’s time to mitigate additional damage to furniture or other materials in the room. Some items will be salvageable, and others will not. Items you keep should be wiped down with a clean cloth to remove any moisture.

Sams has put together a list of Quick Action Safe Water Clean-Up Tips at the bottom of this page to ensure you’re taking the right safety precautions before cleaning up after a burst pipe or other water related emergency.

Step 4: Contact Sams for Restoration

Burst water pipes can put you and your family in greater risk of mold and mildew exposure if you don’t correctly address the water damage. Sams provides 24-hour water damage restoration services to home and business owners in St. Charles and St. Louis Counties. That means no matter when you discover your burst pipe, you can reach out to our team at 636-949-8229.

Our technicians are formally trained in water restoration and have the experience and knowledge to quickly remove water from the air and building materials in your home, reducing the chances of mold and mildew. Our company is fully insured with an emphasis in Liability and Mold. We can work directly with your insurance company, or provide a competitive proposal if water restoration isn’t included in your insurance policy.

After the restoration process, we can also identify and advise on the construction repairs needed to return your home to its prior condition. When a water pipe busts, time is of the essence. Acting quickly can minimize the risk of further damage and health issues for you and the people you care about.

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