Winter Water Hazards

Posted by Sams Carpet | January 15, 2020 | Sams News
winter water

We typically worry about flooding and water damage in the spring when winter run-off from snow melt spills into rivers and streams and makes for a wet and muddy few months. However, winter months also pose a risk of water damage to our homes. This risk is especially high in the Midwest with the constant variation in temperatures where we swing from a total white-out on a Monday to t-shirt weather by Wednesday.

At Sams we encourage our customers to be proactive and protect their homes from winter water damage.

Is snow in the forecast?

Take time to shovel any snow near basement egress windows, vents or areas that don’t have the best drainage. Removing snow from near your foundation will help to ensure that water does seep into cracks and cause water damage.

Got leaves in your gutters?

A clogged gutter can cause a host of problems, most notable they will not drain water properly from the roof away from your foundation. A clogged gutter can also fill with water and freeze which will damage the gutter itself and in some cases your siding and roof as well.

Is there ice buildup on your roof?

Make sure that snow and ice do not sit on your roof for too long. Most roofs are pitched to prevent snow from building up, but in the rare case it does it can cause issues when the base layer melts from the heat of your house and then freezes and thaws again. This can cause your shingles to be pushed up and create rot and eventually leaks.

Did you hook up your hose on a nice day to wash the car?

Don’t forget to disconnect it when you’re finished. Turn off all water to outside hoses and properly flush out any water to prevent freezing.

Do you have pipes along exterior walls?

If your pipes are in a vulnerable area where they could potentially freeze, wrap them with an insulating material to help ensure that they do not freeze and burst open.

Have you checked your sump pump lately?

We always recommend having a sump pump in your basement, especially in a basement with a finished area. But don’t just assume it’s working! Check on it regularly to make sure it’s pumping water out of the bucket and keeping it out of your home.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And in the rare case that you do find yourself with a flooded home, Sams’ 24-hour emergency water damage services and flood clean up team will be ready to assist you and your family immediately. When disaster strikes, call Sams at 636-949-8229.

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