Oriental Rug Cleaning

FrenchTown Rug Cleaning treats all types of machine and hand made rugs (Persian, Karastan, Tribal, Turkish, Hand-Knotted, Braided, Etc.)

We understand the value of our customers’ fine rugs. They’re more than a household furnishing to them. They are a lifetime investment.

That’s why we at Sams founded FrenchTown Rug Cleaning. We recognize the unique characteristics of different kinds of rugs and the various fibers used in their construction. We apply custom cleaning techniques and processes that give specialty rugs the careful attention they deserve. Your rugs are returned in a clean, fresh condition, ready to be enjoyed again for many years to come.

We offer pick-up and delivery services or you can bring the rug(s) to our plant. See our contact information and location.

An Overview of our Rug Cleaning Process:

  • Rugs are inspected with the customer for any concerns, size, and pricing.
  • Rugs are examined and tested for color fastness to determine the safe cleaning method.
  • Dry particles and soil in the rugs are safely removed using the Rug Badger System.
  • Rugs are safely hand cleaned using our unique cleaning technology process and equipment.
  • The fringes are hand cleaned to restore the color and softness.
  • Drying technique is performed in a humidity and temperature controlled room in our plant to give the rug fibers a soft, dry, and clean feel.
  • Optional services can be applied:
    • Rug Protectant. See Carpet, Rug, Fabric Protectant.
    • Moth Protection
    • Pet Enzyme Treatment – See Pet Urine Damage Removal.
  • After the rug is dry, another inspection is performed to make sure the preferred cleaning results were accomplished. If the rug cleaning doesn’t meet our satisfaction, we will repeat any steps of our cleaning process that may be necessary.
  • Customer Service Representative will contact the customer once the rug is prepared for customer pick-up or deliver
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