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Posted by Sams Carpet Service | April 17, 2019 | Sams News

Warm weather is here and just like all the flowers springing up in your yard, so are “FOR SALE” signs. Spring is a popular time to sell a house, which means if you are planning to put your house on the market, your home must stand out and look its best. Sams is here to help you make that happen to be refreshed and renewed with that final touch.


The moment that a potential buyer opens the door to your home they begin to form a laundry list of impressions. First impressions can make all the difference in whether your home makes it to the top of the list. The way your home smells can set it apart from others – in a good way or a bad way.

You might not even realize that your home has a particular odor that could turn potential buyers off, but a real estate agent (or even your best friend) will point this out to you.

But never fear, Sams can take care of those funky smells and create an environment that’s pleasing to the noses of your potential buyers. Air fresheners only temporarily cover up smells, and some home buyers may be allergic to them or not like the scents you chose. So leave this job to the pros!

Check out Sams’ specialized services to help with eliminating odors, whether it’s to help sell your old home or make your new one more enjoyable.


There are many in the real estate business who would advise that a total carpet replacement is needed when selling a house. We agree that stained, worn or dirty carpets will surely turn many buyers away. However, you may not need to replace your carpet at all when you rely on Sams! We have expertise in stain removal, or even patching or spot dying carpet for particularly tough areas.  We can even fix any ripples in your carpeting.

Remember that most buyers only spend moments in a house, and if they find themselves in a room with dirty or damaged carpets, they are far less likely to make your home their own.

Tile and Grout

Bathrooms and kitchens are where homebuyers focus most of their attention when viewing properties. Moldy or dingy tile and grout in these rooms can make or break a homebuyer’s impression. While tile is great because of its durability, it can be difficult to get clean. Many people do not know that tile and grout can be cleaned and made to look new again giving your kitchen, bathroom, or any tiled room in your home a facelift. A visit from Sams can turn a drab room into a wow experience.

Upholstery Furniture

Even though the person buying your home won’t be buying your furniture with it, it’s part of what they see when viewing your home. Stained or dirty furniture can leave potential homebuyers with a poor view of your home overall. We understand all upholstery is different, and Sams knows the best way to clean and beautify (and odor free) your furniture again.  Do yourself a favor and have it cleaned so your home looks great for showing, and you will have clean furniture for your new home! It’s a win-win all around.


We love our furry friends, but the reality is that having pets in the home can lead to fur trapped in hard to clean places such as carpeting or furniture. Pets can also be the cause of the odors we pointed out earlier.  While diligent vacuuming can keep the fur somewhat under control, it doesn’t always take care of the fur that has embedded deep in your carpets, or the smell your pet can leave behind. Even the best trained pet can have an accident from time to time and the moisture can penetrate the carpet into the padding, or even the subfloor. Save yourself the hassle or even worse the need to get new carpet, and let Sams take care of it for a truly deep clean. Your future homebuyers will thank you.

Selling a home can be stressful and we are here to help you take the stress out of the process by getting your ready to be a show stopper from the moment a potential buyer sets foot inside your door. Call Sams today to schedule a cleaning before you list your home for sale this Spring!

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