Odor Control

Make your home smell clean and fresh

Have you ever walked into a friend’s home and been greeted by an unpleasant smell? Your next thought probably went something like this: “I hope my home doesn’t have an odor.” Odors like this can happen without you realizing it:

  • Mildew Odors
  • Pet Smells
  • Smoke
  • Cooking Odors
  • “I have no idea what that smell is” Odors

At Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs we are passionate about helping our customers (and their guests) maximize the enjoyment of their home. So we offer services that go well beyond carpet cleaning and repairs. We want your home to be fresh and odor free! That’s why we offer a variety of techniques that can remove some of the odors you may be experiencing:

Thermo Fog: Quickly hunts down and kills odors

Restoring odor damaged materials is quickly done with a Thermo Fog process. Producing a dry fog at a particle size of .25 to 50 microns, it completely neutralizes smoke, pet, food and other odors.

The small particle size fully penetrates contaminated surfaces and reduces airborne odor particles. Because the fog follows the same path as smoke and odors, it reaches into cracks, crevices and voids.

Ozone machines: Purify the air in your home

Filters alone can’t stop many indoor pollutants, and fragrances simply cover up the odors in your home. Our ozone machines convert normal oxygen (o2) to activated oxygen (o3) otherwise known as ozone. The activated oxygen breaks down odors and other pollutants at the source instead of simply covering them up.

Dehumidifiers: Reduce the humidity in your home

Humidity levels in your basement, crawlspaces and other areas can be the cause of mold and musty smells. By reducing humidity, we make the environment unfavorable for mold and the problems it brings.

How long does the odor control process take?

When we use Thermo Fog you need to be away for 2-4 hours after the process is completed.

When we use the ozone machine, you need to be away while the machine is running. Our Technician will tell you how long you should be away and what to do after the machine stops running.

 Helpful Hints In Reducing Odors

  • Have your air ducts cleaned; see our Air Duct/Dryer Vent Cleaning Service.
  • Clean all areas and possessions (cabinets and furniture inside and out, etc.)
  • Have your carpets cleaned; see our Carpet Cleaning Service.
  • Clean walls and ceiling. If need to, paint the walls and ceiling after cleaning them.
  • Pet urine smells are difficult to completely remove, but the Sams team can help. See our Pet Damage Service.

Building lasting relationships

We love our community, our team and our customers. And we’re intent on your satisfaction. Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs cares about your experience with our company and we want it to be the very BEST! If there is anything we can do to make sure our services will exceed your expectations, please contact us.

odor control

odor control

odor control


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