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Your Furniture and Upholstery Matter

Do you feel like your upholstered furniture has seen better days? Just like your carpet, your furniture and its upholstery becomes dirty, dingy and stained. It’s just part of the wear and tear of life. You might not even notice it until you make plans for friends or relatives to come for a visit. But think twice before buying something new! The upholstery cleaning experts at Sams may be able to have your furniture looking good as new! We’re committed to giving you the best care and attention to detail with your furniture, just like we do when we clean your carpet.

We know that not all upholstery is created equal. Furniture makers use many different types of fabric and construction techniques, and they don’t all get the same treatment. Our professional service technicians use a careful, customized process to care for your upholstery. The first step is to carefully inspect your piece and determine which method is appropriate to clean your upholstery furniture:

  • Dry Clean Process – appropriate for fabrics that cannot be exposed to water; oil based solvent is applied and extracted. We recommend dry cleaning for white, off-white, light-colored and smooth textured furniture.
  • Steam Clean Process – fabric is pre-treated and rinsed

Once the appropriate method is chosen, the Sams team proceeds with a detailed process to clean your furniture:

  1. Color testing will be performed on a small, unnoticeable area
  2. Vacuuming will remove dry particles
  3. Special attention is given to problem areas using the best removal techniques
  4. Gentle steam cleaning is performed or dry cleaning is done using an oil based solvent
  5. Fabric Protection may be applied where appropriate

When the work is done your space will feel fresher, and you will fall in love with your furniture again!

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