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Ho Ho Ho, Don’t Let Your Area Go

Area rugs can pull together a room’s entire atmosphere, and you’ll find them decorating the most beloved, and the most high-traffic rooms of your house. During the holidays, those area rugs will probably experience even more traffic than usual, and before you know it your beautiful rug may be creating a different atmosphere than you were planning for.

Don’t give up on your area rugs—we can save them! You will be surprised what we can do to clean your hand-made and machine-made area rugs.  Whether you just got your rug, or if it has been in your family for years, we treat them with the utmost care.  Your rugs can keep looking refreshed and revitalized for many more holidays.

FrenchTown Rug Cleaning Co., a division of Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs, is one of the few fine and area rug cleaning companies certified as a Master Rug Cleaner! This is the gold standard in training and certification for Rug Cleaning Professionals, meaning we’re the kind of team you can trust to care for and clean your rugs!

You may want to have your rugs picked up and cleaned to PREPARE for your holiday parties, or you may want to have them picked up and cleaned AFTER to recover from your holiday parties. In either case, we have free pick-up and delivery whether it’s before or after the holidays (minimum charges do apply). We’ll wrap them up until you want to put them down again after the winter months, or right away to help you celebrate.

We understand that area rugs are important, many have history to them (or the amount of time it took to pick them out could have a history of its own). It’s important to keep these treasures clean to have them continue to be beautiful for years. Give us a call today, and let us help you make your home clean and cozy. Learn more about FrenchTown and our services HERE.


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