Odor Control

Are bad smells keeping you from renting a unit?

Odors are a common problem for multi-family managers who want to make their unit appealing to their next renter. Covering up the smell with a fragrance is a poor solution. You know it won’t last long, and it’s better to get rid of the odor forever. Sams technicians are trained with the best techniques and equipment to effectively eliminate unwelcome odors

Thermo Fog is the odor eliminator

We use the Thermo Fog process to quickly restore damaged materials. Instead of masking smoke and other smells, we completely neutralize them. The machine produces a dry fog of particles sized .25 to 50 microns. The fog works its way into surfaces, following the same path as smoke and odors. Cracks, crevices and voids are penetrated, fully treating the materials.

Our technicians use ozone machines to purify the air in your units

Filters aren’t a solution. They simply don’t stop many of the polluting particles that create the problem. The solution is found In our ozone machines. They are specifically designed to convert o2 (normal oxygen) to o3 (activated oxygen.) Activated oxygen is also known as ozone. Ozone doesn’t cover up bad smells, it breaks down odors at their point of origin.

Get rid of the humidity

Humidity in basements, crawlspaces, or other service areas in multi-family buildings are often the source of mold and musty smells. By reducing humidity in those areas we make the environment unsuitable for mold and its related problems.

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