Spot/Stain Removal

Removing Carpet Stains and Spots

When is the last time a tenant left you with a spotless carpet? Maybe never.

When stains like red wine or grape juice happen, you can’t wait for your normal round of carpet cleaning. If you act quickly, the chances of removing the spot or stain are greater. Call in the specialists at Sams to help!

Spots and Stains are Two Different Things

You don’t want to have to worry about how to get a spot or a stain out of the carpet in your units, but it’s important to know that the Sams team has the knowledge to identify the difference between the two so that we can treat them appropriately. A spot is a temporary discoloration caused by a spill or something similar. A stain, on the other hand, is a discoloration caused by a chemical reaction or by penetration of a discoloring material into the yarn’s dye site. There are two types of stains:

  • Color ADDED situation, which may be remedied through use of a color removal product and process to correct it
  • Color LOSS stain (bleach, fading, etc.) that may be addressed, in some cases, by a spot dye process of carpet patch.

Specialists in our field

Sams’ trained professionals use the latest equipment and techniques to return your carpet to its best possible condition. Because we use the latest equipment and techniques your carpet will be returned to its normal condition. More importantly, you will be able to rent that unit again in no time. Sams field technicians truly care, and are committed to making your building and each of your units the best they can be.

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