Pet Carpet Damage

Repairing Carpet Damage from Pets

Your tenants’ pets are like family, and sometimes even more lovable. But they sometimes do things that damage the carpet in your units. If you’re not ready to replace the carpet, and if the damage isn’t too severe, our professional staff will repair the damage and bring the carpet back to its pre-damage condition.

You want your carpet to last as long as possible – and our goal at Sams is to help you do just that by cleaning and repairing the carpet in your units. So when you have a tenant whose pets act up and tear up the town, the solution is just a phone call away.

Trained carpet repair professionals

When you hire trained technicians who care, you have the assurance that you’ll be fully satisfied with a job done right. We’re not just committed to excellence, but to the kind of professionalism and respect that raises the bar in interior cleaning solutions.

Consider odor control

What you might not know is that we also offer a service that eliminates odors from your units. It doesn’t matter if the smell is from pets, cigarettes or uncle Billy’s cigar. We don’t simply mask odors. Sams has a team of experts who have been trained to eliminate them


Pet Odor Dog and Cat
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