Tile and Grout Cleaning

Sams makes the tiled surfaces on your property shine again

Tenants don’t always leave your property in the best condition. And when it’s time to sign a new renter, the tile and grout need to look their best. Dingy looking tile won’t leave the best impression, and you know how that will cost you.

Thoroughly cleaning tile and grout isn’t easy. Sometimes a mop or sponge just won’t cut it, no matter how much elbow grease you put into it. Our trained technicians have the tools and techniques to make your tile and grout look great again. There’s no need to struggle and waste your time when you can pick up the phone and call Sams.

The tile and grout cleaning process

Our technicians use a very specific process to clean your tile and grout:

  1. An inspection is performed of the surface for any damage.
  2. Sweeping and vacuuming removes loose dirt, dust, or soil.
  3. A pre-conditioner breaks down oils and stains.
  4. Floors are scrubbed with abrasive brushes to remove stains and traffic patterns.
  5. Pressure cleaning is done with a rotary hot water extractor leaving the area clean and fresh.
  6. Excess water residue is removed and the drying process starts

OPTION: Sealant can be applied first around the edges and then sprayed evenly throughout the area that was cleaned. A grout sealer helps prevent future staining of your grout and make cleaning easier.

NOTE: If sealant is applied, the drying process will take a little longer and the furniture will need be replaced at a later time.

tile and grout cleaning
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