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What Causes Ripples in Carpets?

This is a question that we at Sams get asked all the time. People notice a few ripples in their carpet and become immediately concerned. Believe it or not, rippling in carpet is actually very common about 4-5 years after being installed. There are a number of different things that can contribute to rippling in carpet and it is usually quite an easy fix. Let’s take a look at a few of the factors that can cause your carpet to ripple.

The 4 Leading Causes of Carpet Ripples

Poor Installation

Although carpet rippling is not usually the installer’s fault, it certainly can be. All installers should follow the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Installation Standards. The CRI sets guidelines for how carpet installation should be done. For example, it states that the carpet should be power stretched as opposed to knee-kicked when installed. When carpets are knee-kicked, they start relaxing after the install and are much more prone to rippling. Make sure your carpet installer follows the CRI Installation Standards to ensure you receive the best possible install.

Latex Carpet Backings

These are made up of latex, which absorbs any moisture that may be in the air, especially when the humidity level is high. This can cause the backings to swell and subsequently cause the carpet to wrinkle. Keeping the room climate controlled definitely helps, but there will always be humidity spikes here in the Midwest. Before the 1980s, carpet backings were made up of jute. Jute is a natural fiber that does not swell so therefore did not usually result in rippling. Backings are now made with latex as opposed to jute because the latex is much cheaper. The material used to make the backing is a key component to carpet ripples.

Type of Carpet

Plush carpets are more likely to ripple than nylon or wool. Loop carpets, like Berber or commercial carpets, are much tighter so they generally don’t swell as much. Triexta carpets are made of recycled plastics, which makes them crush easily after wear and it is hard to revive them after they have been crushed. Nylon is also easy to clean and bring back to life once it has been crushed.

Steam Cleaning

As mentioned before, when carpet backings absorb moisture, the carpet will swell and create ripples. Sometimes after a steam cleaning, the backings will absorb some of the excess moisture and the carpet may ripple a bit. But don’t worry, because once the carpet dries completely, it will relax and return to its normal condition.

The St. Louis Carpet Ripple Experts

Rippling in carpets can happen for seemingly no reason at all. We’ve seen ripples show up on carpet that was perfectly installed. We’ve seen ripples in carpet that was beautifully maintained. We’ve seen ripples occur in carpet that is hardly ever walked on.

If you notice ripples in your carpet, we highly recommend cutting off access to the area. Not only are carpet ripples a trip hazard, but walking on rippled carpet can cause the carpet to wear down much quicker. We also recommend having your carpets power stretched by a professional. This will restore your carpet back to its original beauty in no time. If you have any questions or concerns about your carpet, please feel free to contact us here at Sams and we will be happy to assist you.

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Repair Your Carpet Tears, Stains and Ripples before the Holidays

We’ve recently experienced our first snowfall in the greater Saint Louis area and all of sudden it feels like the holidays are upon us. Gathering around the Christmas tree or in the family room to share holiday traditions is a wonderful way to make memories. At Sams we want to ensure that those memories are made on spotless like-new carpets, because let’s face it no one wants to sit on a dirty carpet on Christmas morning, or have an unsightly stain or tear in your holiday photos! That’s why now is the perfect time to have Sams take care of cleaning up stains, and repairing tears and ripples in all of your household carpet.

Don’t Replace Rippled Carpet – Let Sams Repair It!

If you’re looking at your carpet and notice that it’s starting to develop ripples, you’re not alone. In fact, modern carpets are manufactured with materials and backings that are prone to ripples. Most people think that when a carpet starts to ripple that it is time replace it – but that’s just not the case. You can save time and money by calling Sams! In most cases, we can use special tools and techniques to re-stretch your carpet and make it look good as new. Homeowners are often amazed at the results! And the great news is that your carpet will be smooth and ready for you to welcome family and friends to your home for the holidays without having to worry about anyone tripping on those inconvenient ripples.

Take Care of Carpet Spots and Stains

Perhaps you can’t wait to have Aunt Mildred and Uncle Harry staying at your house over the holidays, but the spots and stains on your carpet are keeping you from being as excited as you should be. They may be new, or they could be stubborn stains that you just haven’t been able to beat. Whatever the case, the Sams team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to properly dispose of these offenders. We have techniques and cleaners not available on your store shelves that may take care of your spots and stains. But sometimes a spot won’t be phased by cleaning (think spilled paint or splashed bleach). In this case, we can spot dye or even patch the carpet so it looks as good as new. When we leave, it will be in tip-top shape and you’ll now be proud to welcome Aunt Mildred and Uncle Harry.

Carpet Feeling Dinghy? Opt for Carpet Cleaning!

Sams can make your carpets look like new with one visit from the yellow van. We use a state-of-the-art cleaning process to deep clean and restore life into your carpet. Our equipment is high-powered, allowing us to get more dirt and grime out of your carpets than you ever thought possible – stuff your vacuum can’t even pull out! While we’re in your home, we will carefully remove your furniture, apply corner guards where needed, and get right to work with our truck-mount steam extraction cleaning system. High- traffic areas which are matted and worn will come back to life and carpet will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for all of your entire family to enjoy. Our 8 step process will give your house a fresh feel as you gather to create lasting memories with those you love.

At Sams, we love spending time with family and friends, and we would welcome an opportunity to make sure that your home is the perfect place to host your loved ones this season. Give us a call and let us help you make this holiday season the best one yet.

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