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What Causes Ripples in Carpets?

This is a question that we at Sams get asked all the time. People notice a few ripples in their carpet and become immediately concerned. Believe it or not, rippling in carpet is actually very common about 4-5 years after being installed. There are a number of different things that can contribute to rippling in carpet and it is usually quite an easy fix. Let’s take a look at a few of the factors that can cause your carpet to ripple.

The 4 Leading Causes of Carpet Ripples

Poor Installation

Although carpet rippling is not usually the installer’s fault, it certainly can be. All installers should follow the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Installation Standards. The CRI sets guidelines for how carpet installation should be done. For example, it states that the carpet should be power stretched as opposed to knee-kicked when installed. When carpets are knee-kicked, they start relaxing after the install and are much more prone to rippling. Make sure your carpet installer follows the CRI Installation Standards to ensure you receive the best possible install.

Latex Carpet Backings

These are made up of latex, which absorbs any moisture that may be in the air, especially when the humidity level is high. This can cause the backings to swell and subsequently cause the carpet to wrinkle. Keeping the room climate controlled definitely helps, but there will always be humidity spikes here in the Midwest. Before the 1980s, carpet backings were made up of jute. Jute is a natural fiber that does not swell so therefore did not usually result in rippling. Backings are now made with latex as opposed to jute because the latex is much cheaper. The material used to make the backing is a key component to carpet ripples.

Type of Carpet

Plush carpets are more likely to ripple than nylon or wool. Loop carpets, like Berber or commercial carpets, are much tighter so they generally don’t swell as much. Triexta carpets are made of recycled plastics, which makes them crush easily after wear and it is hard to revive them after they have been crushed. Nylon is also easy to clean and bring back to life once it has been crushed.

Steam Cleaning

As mentioned before, when carpet backings absorb moisture, the carpet will swell and create ripples. Sometimes after a steam cleaning, the backings will absorb some of the excess moisture and the carpet may ripple a bit. But don’t worry, because once the carpet dries completely, it will relax and return to its normal condition.

The St. Louis Carpet Ripple Experts

Rippling in carpets can happen for seemingly no reason at all. We’ve seen ripples show up on carpet that was perfectly installed. We’ve seen ripples in carpet that was beautifully maintained. We’ve seen ripples occur in carpet that is hardly ever walked on.

If you notice ripples in your carpet, we highly recommend cutting off access to the area. Not only are carpet ripples a trip hazard, but walking on rippled carpet can cause the carpet to wear down much quicker. We also recommend having your carpets power stretched by a professional. This will restore your carpet back to its original beauty in no time. If you have any questions or concerns about your carpet, please feel free to contact us here at Sams and we will be happy to assist you.

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St. Louis Carpet Repair Experts Explain the Dangers of Torn Carpet

“OUCH!” That’s the sound of your guest tripping over a tear or unsecured edge in your carpet. You may not realize it, but carpet damages like this act as an environmental hazard that can contribute to falls. When you think of hazards on the ground, you may consider wet floors, exposed wires and dangerous debris that may cause you to slip or trip. However, damaged carpeting can pose a number of threats to visitors if not properly treated. Sams is here to help you rethink these dangers, and provide the fix you need to help ensure a safe environment.

Why Torn Carpets are a Major Hazard?

Torn carpets create an uneven area on the ground. Although guests may not notice the snagged areas, there are chances a foot could get caught in the seams, resulting in a fall and potential injuries. We at Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs always stress the importance of carpet preventative maintenance so that further unexpected situations like tripping on the carpet, doesn’t happen and that no one gets hurt. Safety first, everyone!

What Causes Torn Carpet?

It doesn’t take much for carpet to unravel at your residence or place of business. There are a few things that contribute to the tearing process:

Pet Damage

You thinking about locking Fluffy and Fido in the bedroom again? Yes, you want your four-legged friends to settle down when the company arrive, but leaving them locked in a room may lead your pet to digging their way out of there. The clawing at your carpet isn’t the only thing that will cause ripples on your floors. Let’s just say, the other thing is nasty and will lead to the destruction of your floor’s padding. Not only will pet urine stink, the deposit will weaken the carpet and eventually separate it.


Vacuuming is an essential part of proper maintenance, right? You want to practice vacuuming your carpet in high traffic areas regularly, but when doing so, make sure you pay attention to the material on the floor. Running a vacuum over a softer surface can create snags on your carpet and rip out fibers. Fibers are subject to wear and tear, one of the most common causes of torn carpet, and the vacuum help remove them when it’s not treated properly.

Poor Installation

Poor maintenance and lack of attention contributes to the destruction of your floor. If your carpet wasn’t properly installed, expect subtle changes to appear, such as rips and tears, if objects are dragged over the surface. This will potentially lead to additional holes in different section and cause ripples in the carpet. It’s important for the carpet installer to powerstretch the carpet tight for best performance!


Humidity is one of the biggest issues of carpet buckling and causing more damage to your carpet. Missouri is known for our humid weather. Due to the constant change of seasons in Missouri and high humid climate, the moisture in the air penetrates the carpet and causes it to expand. Carpet may lay flat again without needing to do a repair once the moisture levels in the air return back to normal. If not, this will cause further damage to carpet if not repaired right away and will tear.


Delamination is caused when the secondary back of the carpet separates from the primary backing that is holding everything together and latex adhesive is breaking down. The carpet is now more movable, can buckle and tear. Much older carpets are more likely to have this happen over time or the carpet is defective. If defective, contact retailor or carpet manufacturer who will likely send an inspector to look at the issue.

What Can You Do to Prevent or Repair a Torn Carpet Situation?

There are a few ways you can remedy your carpet:

Properly installed carpet – Speaking of improper installation, carpet should be placed properly by skilled professionals to ensure that it does not snag, catch or become damaged too soon. Sure, your first inclination may be to fix it yourself or replace it, but that’s what we’re here for! For some people, they’d rather repair the carpet then to have the high cost to replace it.

Regularly inspect your carpet – As a homeowner or business owner, walk throughout the premises to check for potential tears to ensure you get it fixed as soon as possible. At Sams, we will come to your home or business, free of charge, to inspect damaged carpet and determine the best solution to restore your floors.

Call the professionals at Sams – If you notice a tear-in-progress, block off the area to prevent visitors from interacting with it and call us! Sams is the St. Louis area’s premiere carpet repair company. We offer a variety of options to restore and extend the life of your carpet including patching, stretching and re-seaming. When you call us, you are assured that you’ll receive a satisfactory experience from our best trained technicians.

At Sams, it’s not just about fixing carpet, it’s about making your home or business whole again. Invite us in so we can help you preserve the special moments your residence or business offers with the best restoration process we have to offer.


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Follow This Checklist Before Selling Your House

Warm weather is here and just like all the flowers springing up in your yard, so are “FOR SALE” signs. Spring and summer are popular times to sell a house. If you’re planning to put your house on the market, your home must stand out and look its best. Sams is here to help you make that happen. Following this checklist will ensure your house is refreshed, renewed, and ready for a quick sale at top dollar.

Take Care of Offensive Odors at the Source

The moment that a potential buyer opens the door to your home, they begin to form a laundry list of impressions. Those first impressions can make all the difference in whether your home gets the offers it deserves. Good or bad, the way your home smells can set it apart from others.

You might not even realize that your home has a particular odor that could turn potential buyers off, but a real estate agent (or even your best friend) will point this out to you.

If odor is a problem in your home, Sams can take care of those funky smells and create an environment that’s pleasing to the noses of your potential buyers. Air fresheners create an unnatural smell and only temporarily cover up smells. Some potential home buyers may even be allergic to them or not like the scents you chose. The smell you’re looking for us “clean,” and there’s really only one way to get it. So leave this job to the pros!

Check out Sams’ specialized services to help with eliminating odors, whether it’s to help sell your current home or make your new one more enjoyable.

Clean Carpet is a Must

There are many in the real estate business who would advise that a total carpet replacement is needed when selling a house. We agree that stained, worn, or dirty carpets will surely turn many buyers away. But you may not need to replace your carpet at all when you rely on Sams! We have expertise in carpet cleaning and stain removal. We can even employ patching or spot dying for particularly tough areas. Even ripples and indentations are no match for the Sams team.

Remember that most buyers only spend moments in a house, and if they find themselves in a room with dirty or damaged carpets, they are far less likely to make your home their own.

Don’t Ignore Your Tile and Grout

Bathrooms and kitchens are where homebuyers focus most of their attention when viewing properties. Moldy or dingy tile and grout in these rooms can make or break a homebuyer’s impression. While tile is great because of its durability, it can be difficult to get truly clean. Many people do not know that tile and grout can be cleaned and made to look new again, giving your kitchen, bathroom, or any tiled room in your home a facelift. A visit from Sams can turn drab tile and grout into a showstopper.

Freshen Up Your Upholstery Furniture

Even though the person buying your home won’t likely be buying your furniture with it, it’s part of what they see when viewing your home. Stained or dirty furniture can leave potential homebuyers with a bad impression of your home overall. We understand all upholstery is different, and Sams knows the best way to clean and beautify your furniture again.  Do yourself a favor and have it cleaned so your home looks great for showing, and you will have clean furniture for your new home! It’s a win-win all around.

Eliminate Signs of Pets

We love our furry friends, but the reality is that having pets in the home can lead to fur trapped in hard-to-clean places such as carpeting or furniture. Pets can also be the cause of the odors we pointed out earlier.  While diligent vacuuming can keep the fur somewhat under control, it doesn’t always take care of the fur that has embedded deep in your carpets, or the smell your pet can leave behind. Even the best-trained pet can have an accident from time to time, and the moisture can penetrate below the carpet, into the padding or even the subfloor. Save yourself the hassle (or even worse) the need to get new carpet, and let Sams take care of it for a truly deep clean. Your future homebuyers will thank you.

Selling a home can be stressful and we are here to help you take the stress out of the process by getting your ready to be a show stopper from the moment a potential buyer sets foot inside your door. Call Sams today to schedule a cleaning before you list your home for sale this year!

Learn how we prepare your home for a fast sale at top dollar:

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Why Carpet Ripples Happen and How to Fix It

We often hear our parents and grandparents say: “They just don’t make things like they used to!”

This statement rings true when it comes to carpets. Carpet today is made using different materials than years ago.

While many of these changes can be good for a homeowner, some of the changes bring challenges. One of those challenges that carpeted homes of today will face is rippling. This is made worse in humidity. And as we all know, when it’s summer in the St. Louis area, humidity comes to town and it brings the potential for carpet ripples with it.

Why Carpet Ripples Happen

Carpet ripples are frustrating. But why does it happen in the first place? It all comes down to the backing. Today’s carpet backing is made from latex, that nice stretchy material that you can find in disposable gloves and band-aids. That same stretch can happen to your carpet. When there is high humidity in the home, the latex is more susceptible to swelling, and when it swells, it takes the whole carpet with it, forming those unsightly ripples. Not only are ripples unattractive, but they can also be dangerous. They pose a tripping hazard, which can cause even more damage to your carpet if left unattended.

How to Fix Carpet Ripples: Carpet Re-Stretching

If you have a carpet that is rippled or you notice that your carpet is starting to ripple in the humidity, you do not need to ignore it or rip it out and buy all new carpeting. Not only is investing in new carpet costly, it’s likely to only temporarily solve the problem. Brand new carpet can ripple just like your existing carpet! The good news is that there is a fix and Sams can help.

Sams uses state-of-the-art power stretchers to remove those ugly, dangerous ripples. Sams will provide free estimates to walk through the concerns you may have with your carpet so we, as a team, come prepared and you, as the consumer, will know the cost and expectations up front.  When the Sams repair technician arrives on the job, the technician will use the professional carpet stretchers to remove the ripples and return the carpet to looking new. The best part is that in most cases, the re-stretch will last for the remaining life of the carpet. We can also provide carpet cleaning right after the repair as that final touch.  Watch as our founder Jeff Sams explains:

At Sams we want you to get the most value and life out of your carpeting. We hate to hear stories of homeowners replacing the carpet in their entire house due to a ripple, stain or tear because in many cases, the (much more affordable) solution is just a phone call away to Sams!

If you have carpet in your home that’s suffering from any of the problems listed above, or is simply overloaded with everyday dirt, give us a call at 636-949-8229 or schedule your appointment online today!


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The St. Louis Area’s Pet Stain Removal and Carpet Damage Repair Team

We all love Fido, and we know Fido loves us. But sometimes we don’t love the wear and tear Fido can have on our home. Being animal lovers ourselves, we fully understand the cocktail of emotions pet ownership can put you through. If you’ve come home to a mess thanks to Fido, the Sams team has your back. In this article, we’ll detail the services we offer to help homeowners overcome pet stains and damage.

Pet Urine Stain Removal

Pet urine is tricky because it doesn’t always just affect the surface of your carpet. If a stain is bad enough, it can soak all the way down to your subfloor. We recommend pet owners commit to a regular regimen of carpet cleaning to prevent extensive damage. Our cleaning process utilizes enzymes to destroy odor from minor mishaps on an ongoing basis. If your pet has a favorite spot, we can also inspect the area to determine if there’s been further damage, and how significant it is. We can also help with pet urine stains on your upholstered furniture.

Pet Carpet Damage Repair

You know Fido. Always curious and exploring the world around him with his teeth and claws. Pets can make quite an impact on your carpet. They have an uncanny knack for finding loose strands and turning little problems into great big ones. Sams deploys an entire arsenal of carpet repair strategies for our customers in St. Louis and St. Charles County. We can repair seams that are separating, snags that are inviting a tug, and much more. Even if Fido hasn’t yet found a carpet blemish to exploit, it’s a good idea to get the Sams team involved in repairing it before he does. Call us for a free inspection to determine the best course of action.

Other Pet Stain Removal

Whether it was from an accident, or your pet got into something he shouldn’t have and tracked it all around the house, trying to remove the stains yourself can spread them around or even make them permanent. At Sams, we’ve seen it all, and know what it takes to get the stains out! But the best time to call is right when you discover a stain. With immediate attention, most stains can be removed. If we can’t remove the stain, we can often patch or even dye your carpet so no one will know the difference.

Pet Odor Control

The smell of your home is a product of all the people, animals, and things that are in it. And sometimes Fido creates odors even without having an accident. Pets can leave lingering and unpleasant smells in specific rooms or throughout your home. We can clean your carpets to remove all the odors caused by pets and make them smell fresh again. We also have several odor control solutions to freshen up the air your family breathes.

We know you love Fido, even when he does something to color your vocabulary with words we won’t repeat here. When that happens, we’ve got your back. Call the Sams team to get your carpet and furniture in ship shape in no time.

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Carpet Stretching Removes Ripples and Extends Carpet Life

Does your carpet have ripples in it? Does it appear to be loose? Are you constantly tripping over the bubbles that have formed over time?

Old, stretched out carpet can make a room appear drab and unkept. If you are tired of coming home to loose carpet, but you are overwhelmed by the prospect of tearing it all out, the perfect solution can be carpet stretching.

What is Carpet Stretching and Why Do It?

Carpet stretching is exactly what it sounds like. Carpet is power-stretched or pulled tight once again and refastened to the tacks strips on the perimeter of the wall. The process of stretching, if done properly, will refresh and change the entire appearance of your room.

carpet seam repair and restretching

In general, as carpet ages the fibers wear out, stretch, and loosen. When carpet ages it can pull away from the tacking strips that anchor it to the subfloor. Carpet seams which are not visible upon installation can appear over time with age.

Aside from detracting from a room’s appearance, a carpet that is bubbled or does not lay flat is a safety hazard that can lead to someone who is unaware tripping over the ripples.

Perhaps, the most important reason to have your carpet stretched is that it will greatly increase the life of your floor covering and is less expensive or intrusive than a total install.

Is My Carpet a Good Candidate for Stretching?

If you are unsure if your carpet would benefit from being stretched, we recommend that you check for the following:

  1. Does your carpet lay flat? Does it appear to be rippled or wrinkled?
  2. Do the edges of your carpet appear to be pulled or frayed, and not secured under the moldings?
  3. Are you able to gently “pull” the carpet upwards in the middle of the room? While there will be some give, the carpet should quickly snap back in place. This simple test will help determine if it is time to get your carpet stretched and re-seamed.

Can I Stretch My Own Carpeting?

Carpet stretching is best left to the professionals who have the proper equipment to stretch the carpeting without ripping or causing further damage to the carpet. At Sam Carpet Cleaning and Repairs, our pros have seen it all. We’ll evaluate your carpet, recommend a solution, and deliver exceptional service. We’re proud to offer state of the art carpet stretching to clients throughout the Saint Louis area.

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How to Repair Carpet Damaged By Pets

Americans love their pets. Pet ownership is reported to be at an all-time high, thanks to pandemic lockdowns and social distancing measures. According to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), sixty-seven percent of U.S. households report owning a pet. Chances are, if you have a furry, or four-legged, or exotic family member in your household you’ve also dealt with carpet damage caused by that cute companion. Whether it’s Fido, your sneaky kitty, or a well-trained rabbit, carpet damage is common when you add a beloved pet to your home.

How Carpet Damage Happens

Carpet damage by pets is almost always accidental. Sometimes your beloved pet simply can’t survive without a potty break for the amount of time you’re away. Sometimes curiosity gets the best of them and accidents happen. Regardless of the cause, universal laws seems to dictate that no matter the balance of hard flooring to carpet in your home, your pet is going to find your carpet or area rugs when accidents and messes happen. Carpet damage caused by pets is often frustrating especially when you find the problem sometimes hours after it has occurred. Regardless of the source or cause of your pet’s accident, time is of the essence when addressing the damage to your carpet.

Removing Pet Stains from Carpet

If your pet urinates on your carpet, area rugs, or upholstery, it’s important to assess whether the urine is only on the surface of your carpet or if it has sunk below the carpet into the pad and subfloor. Be very cautious when using carpet cleaners and spray-on stain and odor removers available at supermarket and hardware stores. These remedies may help but also can make the stains and odors permanent. Before you proceed with any carpet cleaning product, test a small area first to ensure it will not stain or damage your carpet.

Some pets take time to unlearn a bad habit and tend to return to the same spot to urinate or mark their territory repeatedly. If this occurs, it can be difficult to remove the source of the odor your pet senses without professional cleaning.

As long as your furry friend can smell the odor of their urine, they will consider the soiled area an approved area to relieve themselves. You’ll continue to clean to no avail, because most products available to consumers cannot resolve deep odors caused by repeat urine soaking. In fact, repeat cleaning without removing the odor can make the problem worse. Our team uses special tools to assess where actual staining and damage has occurred. It is possible the underside of the carpet, the pad, and the subfloor require cleaning and resealing to not only repair the damage but finally stop it from reoccurring.

Does your pet have a favorite “spot” to sit or lay in your home? If it’s on carpet or furniture, you’ve likely noticed stains caused by oil from their fur and skin. The Sams team uses specially formulated cleaning solutions to remove these stains and has accumulated an impressive track record of success.

Before and after photos of carpet damaged with pet hair and oils


 Repairing Carpet and Upholstery Damage by Pets

Most pet owners accept the frustration of carpet, area rugs, and upholstery damage caused by their beloved pets. It’s sometimes simply the price of experiencing the love and companionship offered by animals. However, pet ownership doesn’t have to signal the end of clean carpets, area rugs, and upholstery in your home. Owning a pet doesn’t mean keeping replacement funds in preparation for the impending damage to your home. Carpet, area rugs, and upholstery damage by pets can be assessed and most likely repaired by the trusted team at Sams Carpet Cleaning and Repairs.

Not all pet damage to carpet is caused by stains and spills. Sometimes, your pet causes damage to your carpet such as holes, tearing and bunching, and discoloration over time. Your favorite part of coming home to your pet’s dancing and zooming can cause carpet damage that may appear permanent. The Sams team can assess and recommend repairs that will have your carpet looking great, no matter how many celebratory laps it has supported. Sams can patch, re-seam, stretch, repair and replace trim, repair and replace thresholds, and even dye your carpet to match its original color.

Before and after repair photos of carpet damaged by pets


Professional Cleaning Brings Pet Damaged Carpet Back to Life

There are many effective solutions for cleaning your carpet, area rugs, and upholstery available on the market. Do it yourself cleaning solutions can be used cautiously when accidents are caught quickly and have not soaked all the way through the carpet pad or subfloor. In addition to removing stains and damage, the odors left behind by pet damage to carpet must be addressed as well.

Pet owners trust the professionals at Sams Carpet Cleaning and Repairs to evaluate and remove the stain and odor in most cases. Protect your investment and preserve the quality of your home for everyone who lives there, including your four-legged family members. Sams is your solution to repair carpet damage caused by pets.

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Can Berber Carpet be Repaired?

Once primarily a fixture in basements, rec rooms, and offices, in recent years Berber carpet has become a popular choice for rooms in every area of the house. As its popularity has risen, Berber carpet is now offered in more colors and styles than ever before. It’s typically more affordable than other residential carpet styles and offers a greater durability due to its looped fiber construction. People who prefer a lower profile carpet are turning to Berber as a great alternative.

One of the disadvantages of Berber carpet is that its loop construction makes it a little more susceptible to snags. Furniture dragging across the floor, curious cats kneading their claws in the carpet or pulling on a loose loop can all spell the beginning to an unraveling mess. Even the power head of your vacuum cleaner can cause problems if it catches a loose strand of Berber.

So if you’ve found yourself in a snag (pun intended) with your Berber carpet, your first question is likely “Can I repair my Berber carpet, or does it need to be replaced?” The short answer is “Yes,” in most situations Berber carpet can be repaired. The carpet pros at Sams have the experience and expertise to pull it off.

Damaged Berber Carpet is Not a Time for DIY

As you examine the run in your Berber carpet, you’re probably wondering if this is something you need to call a professional for, or if you could knock this project out on your own.

As DIYers ourselves, we appreciate the initiative and confidence. But repairing Berber carpet isn’t as simple as you might think. Because of the way Berber carpet unfurls, it needs to be handled delicately. The pros at Sams have literally seen it all and have hands-on experience patching, fixing runs, and stretching loose Berber carpet. To prevent further damage, we recommend clients call us before trying to tackle the project on their own and unintentionally creating a bigger problem.

What Should You Expect from Berber Carpet Repair?

Often when repairing Berber carpeting for clients, we utilize scraps or leftover carpet from the original installation. If the homeowner doesn’t have leftover carpet, we can often take some up from a less noticeable area, like the back of a closet.

Because the carpet runs in rows and carpet can fade with sun exposure or foot traffic, even the best Berber carpet repair can sometimes leave visible evidence of repair, especially on larger repair jobs. But the Sams team has developed all sorts of strategies over the years for minimizing the visibility of carpet repairs. We’re always upfront with our customers about what to expect from the finished product, based on the extent of the damage and the condition of the carpet. In most cases, they’re willing to sacrifice some minor visible repair if it means they don’t have to make a major investment in new carpet.

Sams Has You Covered for Berber Carpet Repair

Your first call in the St. Louis region for Berber carpet repair is the carpet professionals at Sams. From cleaning to repair, the Sams team is this area’s experts in carpet care. We offer free inspection on carpet repairs, so you can make an informed decision. We perform repair services for virtually all types of carpet. We can fix ripples, seams that are separating, carpet pulling away from a threshold, sun fade and bleach stains, burn holes, frayed edges, snags, and a whole lot more. Before you replace your damaged carpet, you owe it to yourself to see what the Sams team can do!  Contact us today to schedule your free inspection.

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Extend the Life of Your Carpet with Professional Cleaning

At Sams, we admittedly love carpets more than most, but can you deny that amazing feeling of walking on new or freshly cleaned carpet, or the beauty of a newly vacuumed room with straight and tidy lines? A clean carpet assures that your house is a place to gather with family and friends, or to kick back and relax in a comfortable and clean environment.

Why Carpet Cleaning Matters

If you can’t remember the last time you had your carpets cleaned, then it is most likely time to call Sams to schedule a professional cleaning! There are many reasons why having your carpet cleaned on a regular basis makes sense and in some cases is a must-do.

  1. Regular professional carpet cleaning will extend the life of your carpet. Clean carpets not only look better, they will last far longer. When you let a carpet get dirty, the dust particles that build up on the carpet fibers start to act like sandpaper and every time that you walk on the carpet, those particles wear down the carpet fibers and shorten the life or your carpeting. We recommend a professional cleaning at least once per year, but if you have small children or a large family, every six months would be preferable, especially in high traffic areas.
  2. Have a pet? We love our furry friends, but we also know the messes they can leave behind. That’s why frequent cleaning is a must in homes with pets. We would advise quarterly cleanings to assure that your carpet is free from pet dander, accident stains and odors are eliminated, and any debris that your pet tracked into your home is skillfully removed.
  3. If your carpet came with a warranty then having it cleaned professionally once per year is typically a must in order to maintain a valid warranty. While you need to check your warranty for specifics this is often something that is overlooked by home owners until it is too late.

In between cleanings

What can you do to get the most out of your carpet and enjoy a more hygienic home between cleanings? There are many things that will help your home stay fresh after the Sams team has cared for your carpet:

  1. Regular, Careful Vacuuming: We recommend vacuuming at least once a week, or more frequently (perhaps even daily) in high-traffic areas. When vacuuming, we suggest that you do it very slowly. While it might be tempting to rush through a room to get the job done quickly, it’s important that you slow down to allow the vacuum to do its job. Remember those stubborn dust particles that break down the fibers? The slower you vacuum, the more you assure that those particles will be released from the fibers and sucked into your vacuum.
  2. Spot and Stain Removal: If you spill something, blot it right away and call us for advice or to take care of the stain for you! Quick action is key, so start by working from the outside of the stain to the inside using a clean cloth. If you rub the stain, you will spread the grime and likely work it further into the carpet fibers. For wet spills, try using a stack of paper towels or a heavy clean cloth weighted down with a heavy object to absorb any moisture. The goal is to get rid of any residual moisture in the carpet to avoid mold.


If you have worked with Sams in the past, you likely have a bottle of our “Outta Sight” spot remover to clean up you spill. Avoid using any other types of carpet cleaning products as they can leave residue and cause more damage.


While your carpet might just seem like a floor covering, at Sams we see it as an important part of what makes your house a home and want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment. Regular carpet cleaning, along with the between-cleaning tips above, will ensure a safer, more enjoyable home environment for you and your loved ones.

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Jeff and Susan Sams: Streetscape Magazine’s Dynamic Duo

We’ve always known that our fearless leaders, Jeff and Susan Sams, were a great couple, but we think Streetscape Magazine got it right when they named them a Dynamic Duo! Jeff and Susan are featured in the Fall issue of Streetscape Magazine where they discuss their experience as married business owners. It’s not always a walk in the park, but Jeff and Susan lean on each other’s strengths to help balance them out and create a strong, successful team.

In this article, you get an inside, behind the scenes look at how Sams Carpet Cleaning got its start, how Jeff and Susan met, and important lessons they’ve learned over their 30+ years in business. And of course, they discuss the importance of being involved in the community and the Sams Family involvement in St. Charles County.

We love our St. Charles community and we feel incredibly blessed to be included in Streetscape magazine this month along with other wonderful local St. Charles businesses. You can read the full article in the latest issue, now available! You can pick up a copy at any of THESE locations or check it out online HERE.

A big thank you to Amy Armour and Streetscape Magazine for this featured article on Jeff, Susan and Sams Carpet Cleaning and Repairs! Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself today!

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