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Team Tammy O- 10 Years Cancer Free!

This year marks 10 years cancer free for Jeff Sams’ sister Tammy Ostmann! Tammy is a strong, brave woman who never gave up or stopped fighting, and to see what she has gone through and able to stand here today, 10 years cancer free, is an absolute blessing. If you look up the word “strength” in the dictionary, we’re pretty certain this will be picture of Tammy. Her strength, courage and hope is inspiring to not only us, but to everyone who has encountered her.


Every year, we host a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure St. Louis team for our family friends called Tammy O. This past Saturday was the race and we were thrilled with the turnout and want to send a big thank you out to our friends, family and customers who have supported us and donated to the Race for the Cure. We will continue to fight for a cure!

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“Tammy O” Team Sponsorship

Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs sponsors the “Tammy O” team for the Susan G. Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure®. Tammy is a 9 year survivor and it has been an honor to form and sponsor to represent and honor all breast cancer survivors and who have suffered from this horrible cancer. Tammy is a great inspiration of strength and courage and hope to continue to fight for a cure. Next year will mark 10 years and you know we are going to have a party and even a bigger team. Watch out on our social media and website for details in 2017!

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