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Rescuing Your Upholstered Furniture

When you invest in your furniture do you consider the future? Whether your pieces are expensive or not, the goal is to expand the life of the furniture, particularly your upholstered pieces. Wear and tear contribute to the diminishing of the appearance and quality of these items. The secret to enhancing the life of upholstery modern furniture is preventative maintenance and professional assistance. Of course, Sams has suggestions to make your furniture last. However, upholstery collects dirt, fade colors and look worn over time with use. It doesn’t matter how well you take care of it, daily routine will still wear on your pieces. What matters is the preventative measures you take and the assistance you utilize for proper upkeep. Sams understands that all furniture is different and some pieces come with different types of fabric, colors and construction techniques. With that in mind, we’re giving you the secrets to saving your upholstery.


As far as we consider maintenance, this is at the top of our list. As part of our steam cleaning process, not only will we pre-treat and clean the fabric, but we will protect your piece with the appropriate fabric protector. Our detailed process ensures you that we will apply fabric protection where it’s appropriate. Sure, there are several products out there for furniture protection, however, you should consult with a trained technician about which products can be used for the best results. We would like to make sure your small spills don’t turn into big problems in the future.


The kids crashing on the couches and leaving crumbs behind can cause damage and create stains. We recommend vacuuming for fabrics that can’t be exposed to water, particularly with pet hair. Since upholstery has to be handled with care, regular maintenance is very important to us. Set a schedule for vacuuming (or make an appointment with us) to prolong the life of your pieces for your kids play parties. We utilize particular methods that allow our technicians to pay special attention to the given problem areas with your furniture so we are assured the best removal techniques.

Professional Assistance

Just like many things in the world, Sams understand when it comes to upholstery all products aren’t created equal. In minutes, our service technicians can have your furniture looking just as sleek when you first saw it. To make sure of this, we like to first inspect your furniture to determine the appropriate method that will serve the best benefit. After choosing the method, we move forward with a detail process to clean your furniture. Preventative products can be purchased, but without proper consultation or knowledge of materials you may not achieve quality results. Our proven process includes everything from color testing to dry cleaning with oil based solvents, assuring our customer of real results.

We care about our customers, and we only want to see the quality and life of your furniture reach its highest potential. If those furniture accidents ever happen in the future, remember that our intent is not only to satisfy our community and customers, but it’s to restore, repair and refinish your pieces.

If you’re ready to repair that dusty and dingy couch, please feel free to contact us.

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To Steam, or Not to Steam: That is the Question…

So imagine you’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. You’re waiting for a price check on your three pound bag of kale when you spy a carpet steam cleaner in the corner, ready to be rented.
You think to yourself, “It’s been since Y2K that I’ve cleaned my carpets. Maybe it’s time.”

So you fork out the dough, cart the monstrosity home, call the neighbor kid over who wants to be an astrophysicist to get it running, sweat like the pilot in Airplane!, haul the thing back to the store, wait another fourteen hours for it to dry, only to realize three days later that that patch in the carpet that Fluffy has been using for a litter box might as well be used as a litter box.

The stain is still there.

A lot of times, the fruitless folly of self-carpet cleaning is the deciding factor to calling a professional to do a professional level job.

But now comes the big question: do you want steam cleaning, or dry cleaning?

First, you should know the difference. Steam cleaning is just what the name implies: the use of very hot water  helps remove the stains in a carpet. By using Truck-mounted equipment can produce a very hot water combined with pretreating carpet to break up stains and soil, rotary machines are also used for agitation, followed by a clean water rinse to leave your carpets fresh and residue free. The now dirty liquid is sucked out of your carpet into a waste system in the truck, leaving your carpets refreshed and clean.

Dry cleaning uses almost no liquid at all. Instead, solutions are spread onto the carpet, breaking down all dirt that it comes in contact with. After resting in the carpet, the residue is vacuumed up, leaving your carpet rejuvenated.

And now the $64,000 question: which one is better?

That depends. We know… two words you didn’t want to read. Steam cleaning is our go-to method at Sams Carpet that we use the most often, we do dry clean when necessary, especially for upholstery furniture. But really, it’s up to you!

If you are looking to get a light carpet cleaning on a Friday for that holiday party on Saturday and just need surface of the fibers cleaned. Dry cleaning could be a better bet as your carpets are instantaneously usable after a dry cleaning.

However, if you have crawling children, dirty feet running in your home, dogs, ferrets,  or Fluffy the incontinent cat running around, and need a thorough cleaning  you may want to choose the steam cleaning. The carpets may take longer to dry, (air movement can be used to dry carpets quicker  but the overall results there is no comparison. You can check out your carpet’s manufacturer recommendations to assist your decision and you may find that most manufacturers prefer hot water extraction cleaning.
Regardless of which method you choose, Sams Carpet Cleaning and Repairs has you covered. For over 30 years, Sams has been the leader in serving our commercial and residential customers. We love what we do, and we are committed to your satisfaction. Call us today for all of your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs!


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