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Sams for your Whole Home!

If you’ve driven around the St. Louis area, chances are you’ve seen our bright yellow Sams vans.  We love our vans, and how bright and conspicuous they are.  For many, seeing the yellow van on your street means that your neighbor is getting their carpets cleaned.  However, what you may not realize is that carpet is only ONE of MANY SERVICES we offer.  We can take care of cleaning your home from top to bottom and really everything in between – we do it all.

Here is a comprehensive list of the services we offer:

  1. CARPET CLEANING – this is our most popular service. We use state of the art equipment and the latest methods to thoroughly clean your carpets to leave them looking like new.
  2. CARPET REPAIRS, SPOT and STAIN REMOVAL – if you have a tear or discoloration, spot or stain, do not give up on your carpet. We are able, in most cases, to repair and restore the carpet and save you money.  We can also take care of pet stains and odor control for your home.
  3. UPHOLSTERY FURNITURE CLEANING – a giant stain on your couch can send you into a panic, but with our services, we are able to do our best to remove the toughest of stains making your upholstered furniture beautiful once again.
  4. AREA/ORIENTAL RUG CLEANING – from hand-made to machine-made rugs, we have an area/oriental rug cleaning plant that cleans and repairs them all with our sister company FrenchTown Rug Cleaning Co., division of Sams Carpet Cleaning & Repairs. As Certified Master Rug Cleaners, we take every type of rug through a detailed cleaning and repair process.  Most often these rugs are heirlooms passed down from generation to generation and with that in mind, you can count on us to take care of them!
  5. AIR DUCT AND DRYER VENT CLEANING – having clean air ducts and dryer vents are both important for air quality but can also be important to prevent fires. This service can be set up to occur once a year or every 2 years depending on how often you change your filter, any new or remodeling construction happened in your home, allergies to dust, and so many other scenarios so that your family can breathe easier.
  6. TILE and GROUT CLEANING – sometimes you really don’t notice how dirty your tile and grout can be until you remove that area rug underneath your kitchen table. No worries…Sams is there to provide services that will leave your floors and other tiled areas spotless.
  7. 24 HOUR WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION SERVICES – nobody wants to be the recipient of water damage in their home. It can be a scary and overwhelming experience.  The Sams crew will put you at ease and return your home to a safe and clean state.  We are here for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in your time of emergency!

We would love to help you start the New Year off with a clean home.  We are a phone call away for any questions you have and we’re standing by to schedule you for one or more of our services.  It’s always a great day when the Yellow Sams Van shows up at your house!


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Why Your Business Should Have Routine, Professional Tile Cleaning

Look down! That’s what your customers tend to do when they enter your business. Studies have shown this to be true, so when they look down, what are they seeing? Is it sparkling tile that’s free from debris and residue, or has your tile seen better, cleaner days? Remember when you built your business, and you took time and great care to choose just the right tile, design and color? It’s probably pretty important to you that it stay that way, and the Sams team can help you out!

Have the dingy days arrived?

Chances are, you have many feet touching your floors on a daily basis, and traffic in your business can be pretty hectic at certain times of the day. Spills can happen quickly. Muddy shoes can bring the outside in. You name it, it probably has happened on your tile floor. But why does it get so dingy looking? There are a few common reasons for this:

  1. Tile and grout are very porous, meaning dirt is absorbed easily. As people walk on it, dirt can get even more ground in, and discoloration follows. Your once ivory tiles are now 50 shades of something dirty.
  2. Routine floor cleaning, particularly sweeping and mopping, will remove surface soils, but as time passes, this process will leave residue that becomes embedded into the tile and grout. While this step is important to perform on a daily basis, it’s not enough for the long-term life and beauty of your tile floors.
  3. It’s a fact that commercial buildings see a lot of footprints, which leads to dirt, wear and tear. High traffic areas will be the first to reveal their dirty side, and when it comes to restrooms, you know what kind of spillage may happen there!

Professional Tile Cleaning and Maintenance with Sams

It’s true – to make your tile and grout sparkle, you’ll need more than just a sponge. How we tackle it, and how frequently you’ll need us, depends on many factors, so we’ll help you determine what’s best for your particular situation.

The Sams process involves a thorough procedure which penetrates deeply into the surface of your tile and grout to eliminate dirt, mildew, and other contaminants. But before any machinery touches your floors, we’ll perform an inspection to identify any damage we may need to address, or any areas of special concern you may have. We’ll sweep and vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust, and then apply a pre-conditioner to break down oils and stains. That’s something a mop and sponge – or even consumer grade floor cleaners – can’t do!

Here’s where the muscle comes in. Your floors are scrubbed with high-powered brushes to remove stains and even get rid of traffic patterns that appear in the tile over time. You know, like that “track” of dirt you can see going down the hallway. Everybody gets them, and Sams can take care of it! Finally, we perform a pressure cleaning process with a rotary hot water extractor. This leaves the area clean, fresh, and something you can be proud of! We can even apply sealant to help prevent future stains.

Regular Care for your Tile and Grout

Ongoing activities such as daily vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, as well as quick attention to spills and stains will help extend the life and looks of your tile floors. But there’s only so far you can go with a broom and scrub brush. Sealing the tile grout is great for keeping moisture and dirt from penetrating into the floor. You will be so amazed at how much easier it is to clean spills off your floors once the grout has been sealed. Let Sams do the dirty work for you! Not only will you get a beautifully clean floor, you’ll get the Sams experience of the best technicians, the highest quality cleaning products and processes, and service you can count on. We appreciate an opportunity to be welcomed into your business!

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